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Mallala Eco Green

The town of Mallala in South Australia is known for its commitment to Eco Green and sustainability. This small but vibrant local community has established various businesses that have contributed positively to the environment. Here are just a few of the businesses in Mallala that are doing their part to keep our planet healthy and clean.

1) Mallala Motorsport Park

Mallala Motorsport Park is a well-known attraction in the town of Mallala. However, it's not just a popular destination for racing enthusiasts - it's also a leader in environmental protection. The management of the park is committed to making sure that all operations are conducted in an eco-friendly manner. Mallala Motorsport Park utilises solar panels to power their facilities, recycles water to irrigate the track, and has implemented recycling programs on site. They also educate their visitors about the importance of sustainable practices.

Contact Details:

Phone: +61 8 8260 7100
Address: 450 Aerodrome Road, Mallala SA 5502, Australia

2) Mallala Hotel

The Mallala Hotel is a popular establishment which offers a range of delicious meals to its customers. The hotel is committed to reducing its environmental footprint, and therefore has implemented a number of sustainable practices. Thanks to its environmentally friendly practices, the Mallala Hotel has been awarded with a Level 1 Green Stamp certification. This certification indicates that they have implemented a number of environmental management systems which have promoted sustainability.

Contact Details:

Phone: +61 8 8527 2099
Address: 64 Aerodrome Road, Mallala SA 5502, Australia

3) Rose Magarotto Clinic

The Rose Magarotto Clinic is a holistic centre that provides natural health care solutions. The clinic is committed to promoting sustainable practices in the workplace. They only use natural cleaning products and eco-friendly equipment to ensure that their operations are conducted sustainably. Their commitment to the environment is in line with their commitment to holistic health care.

Contact Details:

Phone: +61 8 8527 2642
Address: 1 Gommes Tce, Mallala SA 5502, Australia

4) Mallala Fruit and Veggie Shop

The Mallala Fruit and Veggie Shop is a locally owned and operated business that is committed to promoting healthy eating and sustainable practices. They stock their shelves with fresh produce from local farmers, reducing their carbon footprint by cutting down on long-distance shipments. Their commitment to sustainability extends to their packaging, which is all compostable or recyclable.

Contact Details:

Phone: +61 8 8529 2236
Address: 16-18 Middle Beach Road, Mallala SA 5502, Australia

5) Mallala Bakery

The Mallala Bakery is a popular spot for locals to grab a quick bite to eat. The bakery has made a commitment to reducing their environmental impact by using renewable energy sources. They have installed solar panels on their roof, which power the bakery's operations. In addition, they have a recycling program in place which involves recycling waste, including food waste.

Contact Details:

Phone: +61 8 8527 2281
Address: 37 Aerodrome Road, Mallala SA 5502, Australia

6) Mallala Tyre and Exhaust

Mallala Tyre and Exhaust is a full-service auto repair shop that has made a commitment to conducting their operations sustainably. The company recycles all of their scrap metal and other waste materials. In addition, they have a number of eco-friendly options available for their customers, such as low-rolling resistance tyres and exhaust systems which allow for lower emissions.

Contact Details:

Phone: +61 8 8527 2333
Address: 28 Aerodrome Road, Mallala SA 5502, Australia

7) The Mallala Market

The Mallala Market is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. The market is committed to promoting sustainable living practices. Many of the vendors who participate in the market focus on selling locally grown produce and handmade goods, reducing the environmental impact caused by long distance shipping of goods. In addition, the market has a number of recycling bins located throughout the grounds and encourages attendees to reduce their environmental footprint by bringing reusable bags and containers.

Contact Details:

Phone: +61 416 141 287
Address: Mannum Road, Mallala SA 5502, Australia

the town of Mallala is home to a number of businesses that are committed to promoting sustainable living practices. These businesses go above and beyond when it comes to reducing their environmental impact, through the use of renewable energy sources, recycling programs, and much more. By supporting these businesses, we can help to create a more sustainable future for all.

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