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Distinguished and Famous people from Mallala

Mallala, a town located in South Australia, Australia, has been the birthplace or associated with several distinguished individuals. Here are some of the notable people associated with this area:

1. Sidney Cotton (1894-1969)

Sidney Cotton was born in Mallala and became a renowned British-Australian aviation pioneer and inventor. He played a significant role in developing aerial surveillance and aerial photography techniques, particularly during World War II.

2. Charles Rasp (1846-1907)

Born in Mallala, Charles Rasp was a German-born Australian surveyor and prospector. He is best known for the discovery of the Broken Hill Ore Deposit in New South Wales, which later became one of the world's largest silver, lead, and zinc mines.

3. Sir Eric Neal (1924-2015)

Sir Eric Neal, born in Mallala, was an Australian businessman and community leader. He served as the Governor of South Australia from 1996 to 2001, and his contributions to the state are widely recognized and appreciated.

4. Neville Bonner (1922-1999)

Neville Bonner, an Australian politician, was born in Mallala. He became the first Aboriginal person to be elected to the Australian Parliament, serving as a Senator for Queensland from 1971 to 1983.

5. William Henry Soward (1826-1903)

William Henry Soward, born in Mallala, was an early settler and pastoralist in South Australia. He made significant contributions to the development of agriculture and infrastructure in the region during the 19th century.

6. Matt Clinch

Matt Clinch is a sports journalist, radio presenter, and television reporter. While not born in Mallala, he is associated with the area through his work as the co-host of the "Roaming Brian" segment on Channel 7's AFL coverage, where he often interviews players and officials during matches held at the Mallala Oval.

7. Alby Roberts (1910-1990)

Alby Roberts was an Australian cricketer born in Mallala. He represented South Australia and played as an all-rounder during the 1930s. He was known for his exceptional batting and medium-paced bowling skills.

8. Kirsty Sword Gusmão

Kirsty Sword Gusmão, originally from Mallala, is an Australian human rights activist and the wife of former President of East Timor, Xanana Gusmão. She has been actively involved in advocating for the rights of the Timorese people and promoting social justice.

9. Rick Davies

Rick Davies, known as the lead vocalist and keyboardist of the famous rock band Supertramp, was born in Swindon, England. However, he lived in the Mallala area for a significant period during his childhood and attended school there, thus having an association with the region.

10. Bill Rawlings

Bill Rawlings, born in Mallala, was an Australian rules footballer who played for the Sturt Football Club in the South Australian National Football League (SANFL). He had a successful sporting career and was known for his exceptional skills and contributions to the team.

11. Sir Geoffrey Reed

Sir Geoffrey Reed, a renowned surgeon and medical researcher, was born in Mallala. His contributions to the field of medicine, particularly in the areas of cardiac surgery and transplantation, have been significant and highly regarded.

12. Peter Teakle

Peter Teakle, originally from Mallala, is an Australian businessman and philanthropist. He has played a notable role in supporting various community projects and initiatives, particularly in the fields of education, health care, and regional development.

These are just a few of the many distinguished individuals associated with Mallala, South Australia. The town and its vicinity have contributed greatly to various fields, including aviation, politics, sports, arts, and sciences.

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